Friday, August 08, 2008

School starts soon

For so many of us school will be starting in the next month. I am not immune to the desire to have new supplies. So I may not need fresh pencils, or packages of college ruled notebook paper, but I crave funky file folders, new markers, and a glue stick or two.

My baby (don't tell her I said that) is off to high school this year so the supply list will not be as fun as in the past. This is the time to go through clothes, to see what needs to be pitched (anything with a hole), things that don't fit anymore (high waters), you know the routine.

Well thinking about all the sorting, cleaning and organizing that needs to be done for the start of the school year, sparked another idea. I have had some new ideas (for awhile) for some changes to the site, new programming, etc. So with that the self imposed deadline is the end of this month for a new look and easy to navigate format.

Why do I even bother mentioning this, well this just gives us another reason to offer some discounts. So to those who are off to school, or to those sending them off to school, or to celebrate that they are off to school, Black Bags is offering a 10% discount on your total order (08/08/08 thru 08/31/08) excluding shipping costs. Just use the discount code school.

So here is to all those making a fresh start, may the new school year bring some exciting changes. I am off to sharpen a few pencils.


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