Friday, December 26, 2008

Stealing is Bad

Well this is going to be an unusual posting compared to others. I am usually posting new fabrics, bags, etc. All Black Bags, all the time. This is also regarding Black Bags but in a whole new direction. Let me start at the beginning:

I received an email, someone I don't even know, but a concerned, generous email all the same. Stating that one of my Black Bags was being sold on another site and that my photo and word for word product description copied (stolen, for the less polite version). Not only was a Black Bag listed for sale but the emailer had a bag represented on this site as well. So I had to check out the website. Actually I was checking the site as I was multi tasking (on the phone with my sister, HI JAMI). Needless to say our conversation was immediately interrupted when I had to share with her what I discovered.

I have no doubt that I have sold many a bag to customers in the state of Texas, so remembering a specific location is not likely. Heck, good luck selling a Black Bag that I retail for $54.00 and marking it up to $75.00. I do take offense at using Black Bags photos and product descriptions without express permission. Representing a product that I manufacturer and have built a name on isn't cool either.

Black Bags does business with retailers that have both brick and mortar locations as well as some that have an Internet presence.

Genuine Black Bags can be purchased at (other than the
Black Bags site itself):
Bead World (Edmonton Alberta Canada)
Truly (White Bear Lake Minnesota)
Pursecution (Minneapolis Minnesota)
Funky Utopia (Bradenton Florida)
Sassy Expressions (Rock Hill South Carolina)
Swank (Southern Pines North Carolina)

I have emailed the
site and have asked them to remove my photo and product description, reminding them that they have not entered any agreement to represent Black Bags or it's products.

Like I said to my sister, "does this mean I've made it, if people are stealing my stuff?"

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Le Coccole said...

I'm sorry about that! It's a shame... I have no other words to describe it.