Sunday, March 11, 2007

Time for some changes ...

Well some of us realize middle age at different times of our lives. When this occurs it is apparently time for some changes. This weekend I have taken a break from real sewing to get used to these darn braces I have to wear (carpal tunnel in both wrists). So as I clean the studio, and stock up the site with smaller items (which were desperately needed) I have to contemplate how to adjust. What changes can I make that can lessen the effects of this painful condition. I have no doubt that I will think about it for awhile. Typing this is really awkward too! This problem I will solve as I have all the others that life has thrown at me. Oh, please don't let me imply that carpal tunnel denotes middle age, it doesn't. The blood pressure meds that I also received is what makes me official! Just another stage in this wonderful journey. Enjoy the day!

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