Sunday, May 06, 2007

An Adult Space

One of the things that I have longed for is a real adult bedroom. My husband is happy with things just thrown together and asking him about paint chips sends him in a downward spiral. So last month I drug him to Lowes and asked him what his favorite color was. Yeah, a response. Blue. So now comes the tough part picking a blue. I leaned towards the aqua's and finally he picked a color. I really think just to get it over with. Then a wonderful chocolate brown for the accent wall. I will leave it to your imagination to what color he refered to it as. Bright white trim on all the woodwork, and chrome storage unit for the closet. We are on our way!
Today I took a drive to Target and finally found a quilt that fit the room, chocolate sheets and accent pillows I will make (do you believe the prices). The real reason I even mention any of this is that I have been on a mad hunt for adult art work. Yesterday I received the first piece to be framed (chunky white wood frame and mat) from badbird.
This print fits great between the entry door and closet. I love it!
Now to find something to go over the bed, on the chocolate accent wall. And lough and behold I found more art! These prints will look great again in the chunky white wood frames. This will give me a reason to introduce other colors in the linens as well. Joan Theodore Drawings Paintings and Prints has really great art work at very reasonable prices. Can't wait for these to arrive. I may actually be on my way to my first adult bedroom! HURRAY!

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we all need our own space