Monday, May 14, 2007

Postal Rate Increase

If you have not heard yet, the United States Postal Service has made some postal increases effective today. I knew this, heard it all over the place but was a bit shocked when preparing packages for shipping today that the Priority Mail rate increased by nearly $2.00! I had to step back from the situation and rethink this. I know that our guys and ladies at USPS are deserving of every penny (even more) for being the busiest postal service in the world, and at least from my end with minimal error to boot. Again, rethinking this, I realized that the USPS has to deal with the same high fuel prices, cost of living, insurance rates as the rest of civilians. It is just sad that so many things are in play here. So I expect things to get a little quiet for awhile, time well spent creating more goodies. To my postal carrier, Ms. Mary, hats off to you girl for all the boxes you carry and bring here to Black Bags!

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