Wednesday, July 18, 2007

News Flash

Black Bags studio will be unavailable on Monday July 23rd through Wednesday July 25, 2007. We are closing for these three days for much needed studio renovations. Excited can not explain how I feel. To describe the current studio, would just be sad.

The studio is getting a new sub-floor (I know that part is not exciting) and new flooring. I am shopping for that this week. Studio walls are getting painted apple green, and the work station (computer area which is embedded in a nice size closet) is getting a cool aqua color. New ceiling fan, more chrome storage units, oh I can hardly contain myself.

I do dread the cleaning up of the current situation and moving to a tempoary area, but this is the price I must pay to have my dream studio! The master plan is to be moving back into the studio on Wednesday and I have to stick to it.

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