Friday, March 14, 2008

Spring Cleaning

Not only have the colors I am attracted to becoming brighter with each warm refreshing day, but the desire to declutter, a.k.a. spring clean has happened as well.

Pounds of fabrics that haven't seen the light of day were disposed of or are being donated to a friend for a children's project. Now mind you that is no big deal, but keep in mind that I am married to a dumpster diver. Old tattered drapes, or pillow cases become fair game when I finally release them into the world of refuge removal. I have shared may fabric failures and have given him as much as 20 yards (continuous) of canvas that was suppose to be 10 oz. and wasn't. None of this would be worth mentioning if we didn't already have a two car garage filled with things that we might need. No, it has never seen a car in it either!

So I am soon off to sneak in the night, just before they come to collect the bin, to dispose of some other things, to clean, declutter, and just generally get myself focused again.

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